Jul 2016

As we finish high school we are faced with the big decision of what to do with our lives. For me it was easy – Nursing. As I completed my practical placements in various hospitals and facilities it was clear to me that I belonged in Theatre. Every opportunity I had to spend some time in theatre I took. I was lucky enough to get a New Grad placement in theatres. Working in theatres you not only learn about the body and how it works, but it also teaches so many other valuable life lessons – communication, teamwork, compassion, tolerance and of course caring, as you are the patient advocate and caring for the patient when they are at their most vulnerable. For those who have worked in an emergency theatre and been a part of that team working together, to save a life is an amazing feeling. In my first year of being in theatres I scrubbed for an organ retrieval. It was so fast paced and quick I didn’t have time to think, just act and do the best I could. Afterwards I was able to reflect on what had just happened. Although very sad that our patient passed away it was extremely heart-warming, knowing that what we did had helped improve the lives of many others. It is a very small environment with some big personalities, but there are also some very big hearts in the operating theatre. Theatre’s is a special little world behind closed doors with only a small percentage of the population that can handle to work in this environment. Working in the operating theatres has given me many different opportunities – management, redevelopments, and moving interstate. There is never a dull moment in nursing. Working as a peri-operative nurse has taught me to appreciate the small things life and all that you have. The patients I have come across have touched my life in one way or another and for that I am grateful.

Written by Carly Salakas – NSW State Manager

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