Day-to-day staffing solutions 


Longer-term staffing solutions with 

agency staff bookings for

set periods of time 


Sourcing reliable professionals to fill

permanent positions in your facility

Servicing Healthcare Facilities

Reliable Service

Do you struggle to cater for the increases in demand for healthcare?


Do you find it difficult and time-consuming to source quality assured staff that are well suited to your facility? 


We supply all types of nurses and carers to the major public, private and community facilities around Australia, specialising in theatres, critical care and midwifery. Our business is quickly growing to cater to every type of nurse and medical personnel.

Kemp Recruitment will help with peaks in volume and openings in specialised roles by sourcing professionals that meet the needs of your facility. 


We make sure our nurses fit the job request. Expertise in this area means our clients are our key concern.

Industry Experience

Our bookings staff have a thorough understanding of the industry and your individual requirements based on personal experience in healthcare and clinical environments. 

Our deep knowledge of the industry combined with our experience and software means you can rely on us for all of your recruitment needs.

Quality Assured

Kemp Recruitment prides itself on our strict core competency policy. Our state of the art software enables us to match the requirements of our nursing staff and clients to ensure our staff are suited to the needs and environment of your facility. 

National Police Check

Working With Children Check

Registration with AHPRA

Clinical Reference Check

Core Competencies



Kemp Recruitment is dedicated to supplying staff to facilities to cater for day-to-day staffing demands. 

Our experienced bookings team will work with you to ensure we source the staff that fit the needs and environment of the facility to best support your business.

Kemp's stringent core competency policy and 2-year post-grad experience requirement mean you can count on us to supply quality-assured staff that can slip into any work situation with ease and professionalism.

Short Term Contracts

Kemp's Short Term Contract services take the guess-work out of staffing rosters.

We work with facilities across Australia to supply staff for periods at a time, no matter where you're located. 

Lock in the staff members that you love for blocks of shifts, or rely on us to source professionals that are dependable and fit for your facility. Kemp Recruitment will work with you to ensure you are confident with the staff working in your facility.

Permanent Placement

Kemp Recruitment recognises that your workforce is your greatest asset and that finding quality staff for long-term and permanent roles can be difficult and time-consuming.

Our team will help take the guesswork out of recruiting by sourcing applicants that we know are qualified and well-suited to the position and your facility. Kemp is committed to working with you to find the professionals that you need while you focus on the essential day-to-day operations of your business.