Janelle and Michael Kemp have 25 year’s experience in the industry. Their approach focuses on staff growth and development, ensuring staff and clients get the very best Get to know them…

Michael Kemp
Michael brings to Kemp Recruitment a wealth of business experience along with a keen mind for numbers and strategic thinking. He has run a successful business for near on 25 years.

After a brief time off to recharge his batteries, study and travel, Michael is now ready to launch Kemp Recruitment, a natural fit for further development of a successful career.

“Running my own business allows me to have the best of all worlds. It allows me to optimise my

lifestyle and ensure our company is run how it should be, no big business shortcuts.”

Michael began his work life as a high school mathematics teacher and then moved into the business world in 1990. Since then he has been a director of several companies, notably ASEPS, where he successfully grew and sold the business. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts degree, Diploma of Education and Graduate Diploma of Educational Studies in Computer Education. He has recently completed a Certificate IV in Adult Education.

PS: If you want to know tips about wine, Michael’s your man!

Janelle Kemp:
Janelle has worked within the healthcare industry for the last 32 years as a Registered Nurse. She pioneered the use of agency nurses within operating theatres by creating her first business, ASEPS .

Janelle says “ My greatest achievement has been to be able to mix a successful business career with bringing up a wonderful family, I look forward to continuing this model for my next big project – Kemp Recruitment!”

Janelle has an extraordinary ability to build superior brand images and develop a culture reflecting the high personal values of integrity and care. She values and encourages business practices built around flexible choice to accommodate lifestyles and families. She is motivated and always in pursuit of a new challenge and looking at ways to do it better.

She has a Diploma in Business Management, Perioperative Theatre Course and Certificate IV in adult education.

PS: don’t ask Janelle to sing if you value your hearing!

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