May 2017

School is back and term 2 well under way. Lots happening over the next few months at Kemp Recruitment.

Our next Education Session is on Thursday 18th May from 6pm until 10pm. We do cover your mandatory training for the year, if you need to up dated these please let the girls know so we can add you to the list of attendees. Lots of positive feed back from the staff who have already attended. These are running every 2 alternating between a week night and a Saturday.

By now I’m sure most of you would have spoken to either Jane or Stephanie our new bookings consultants. Jane has a back ground in Theatres and Medical Devices. Stephanie came to us from Aged Care nursing.

Kemp will be attending the Critical Care Conference in Hobart this year over the Long weekend in June. As always we like to have a bit of fun with games and give away’s. Please tell your friends to come say ‘Hi’. We always like to make new friends.

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