Kemp Recruitment is an agent for medical professionals that attracts quality staff for our clients. We provide staff to medical facilities such as day stay units, private and public hospitals, Doctor’s rooms and clinics. All staff have experience in their chosen specialty and will act with personal integrity and professionalism while at your site.

Kemp Recruitment operates within a quality assured environment. Our processes and policies are legislatively compliant and ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities.

Janelle and Michael Kemp have been in the recruitment industry for over 25 years. During that time they have built strong relationships with industry specialists within the public and private sectors. They have developed a business model that not only supports their staff but offers clients strong business processes that ensures we capture what you need when you need it.

Staff supply can be on a permanent basis or for long term contracts and short term day-to-day assignments.
Our office staff have the experience to understand your facility’s needs and work with you to meet any staff fluctuations. Kemp Recruitment is a fluid operation that will look after individuals as well as grow with our clients as their circumstances change.

If you want superior customer service and quality staff, get in touch.

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