1. How do the pay cycles run?

You’ll be paid weekly on a Friday. The standard pay cycle runs from Monday to Sunday of the previous week.  Timesheets are due Tuesday for you to receive your pay on the Friday.

2. Can I work in the public health sector if I don’t have all my vaccinations?

NSW – in a word, No. You must have all the appropriate vaccinations to work in the public health sector.
SA – Yes.

3. Will Kemp Recruitment provide training for my key competencies?

At Kemp Recruitment we’re committed to an education program that provides staff with their key competencies, plus ongoing topics that keep you up to date.

4.How do I notify Kemp Recruitment of my availability?

Contact us via phone, email or online form.

5.Can Kemp Recruitment provide me with work all over Australia?

Absolutely! We can provide contracts in rural and remote areas of Australia.

6.If I’m sick should I notify the facility directly or do I tell Kemp Recruitment and they notify the facility for me?

You need to notify Kemp Recruitment, as we’re your employer. Our office staff will notify the facility and try to find a replacement staff member to work your shift

7. Will it cost me anything to join you?

No way! We’d be lucky to have you as part of the team, and to prove it, we’ll give you $50 to join us!

8.Why should I join Kemp Recruitment?

If you want an agency who gives you flexibility, the pay rate you deserve and first class service then Kemp Recruitment is for you

9. I’m an employer – why should I use Kemp Recruitment for staff?

Our office staff understand your facility’s needs and work with you to meet your staff fluctuations. All our staff are fully insured and undergo a comprehensive interview before commencing work.

Where appropriate all Kemp Recruitment staff have the following:

  • criminal record check
  • working with children check
  • registration
  • vaccinations
  • mandatory core competencies
  • relevant qualifications for their specialty

10.Can I register with Kemp Recruitment and stay with my current agency?

Sure, we call it co-registering, it’s smart. All we ask is that you are upfront and honest with each agency.

11.Where can I work?

That’s totally up to you. It’s your choice on the facilities you go to. We’ll work from a list of your preferences.

12.Do you have an incentive program?

We have Bucks for Buddies and also our Pronto Pay option.

13. Why should I use a recruitment company to find me a permanent position?

Using a recruitment company will save you time and can offer you employment opportunities you may never have thought of.

14.As a client can I also become an agency staff member?

Of course – we’d love to have you!

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